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PBM System ( Specialised Equipment & Accessories )
Product Code & Goods Description
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Chargeable weight: 10500.000 Kg
Dimensions : 363.000 x 330.000 x 660.000 cm

Speedo’s Portable Blasting Machine is our latest integrated compact portable blasting machine. The system enables good performance for blasting and abrasive recovery continuously for tank blasting and also in manual blasting chambers.

The PBM system consists of all the conventional systems such as bucket elevator system, air wash separator system, storage hopper, dust collection system and blasting machine integrated into mobile skid which allows maximum mobility for transporting the equipment from site to site.


  • Replacement of copper slag to steel shot and grit saves 70% of abrasive and disposal cost
  • Less dust is generated by using steel shot and grit for blasting, thus improving visibility in the blast chamber
  • There is lesser rework when using steel grit and shot, thus reducing overall cost
  • The blasting and abrasive recovery proceed simultaneously, which increases productivity thus shortening the production period effectively
  • No other system is required other than the air compressor and main power supply for operation
  • Operation cost reduced due to low crane usage
Technical Specifications