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Bresle Test Kit ( Inspection & Measuring )
Product Code & Goods Description

Bresle Patch Test using the Bresle Patches will allow you to extract salts from blast-cleaned steel and measure using Horiba Conductivity Meter.

If these contaminants are not removed prior to painting, chemical reactions can result in blister formation and accumulations of rust that destroy the adhesion between the substrate and the applied protective coating.

The Bresle Patch Tesr is supplied in an industrial carrying case with Bresle Patches (pack of 35), Horiba Conductivity Meter, Deionised Water (500ml), Syringe with Needle, Calibration Solution (14ml), Conditioning Solution (14ml) and Beaker. Conductivitu Meter Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra.

Compliant to ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9.

Technical Specifications