Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

RPB Astro ( Blasting )
Product Code & Goods Description
Chargeable weight: 2.2000 kg
Dimensions : 37.0000 x 28.0000 x 25.0000 cm

The RPB Astro is an economical blasting respirator, designed to be lightweight and robust – the 2 features that reduce fatigue and downtime to ensure higher levels of productivity.


  • Revolutionary lightweight design – 2.6lbs / 1.2kg without breathing tube
  • Industry benchmark design for the replaceable cape cover band
  • Tear-off lens system has individually pre-folded tabs that ensure workers tear off only one lens at a time, saving time and boosting productivity
  • Flexible breathing tube ensures unobstructed head movement
  • Durable nylon cape with comfortable seal around the neck provides unbeatable comfort
  • Tough, polyethylene abrasive-resistant shell
  • High-strength visor strap ensures safety and durability
  • Quick removable head suspensions allows for easy cleaning