Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

ExactaBlend AGP ( Fluid Handling )
Product Code & Goods Description
Chargeable weight: 669.992 Kg
Dimensions : 158.750 x 127.000 x 199.390 cm

The Graco ExactaBlend AGP (Advanced Glazing Proportioner) provides on-ratio dispensing of two-component sealants and adhesives for curtainwall, insulating glass and other applications, offering advanced technologies at an affordable price.


  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Green light indicates on-ratio dispensing
  • Automatic shut down when off-ratio conditions occur
  • Optimal mixing and on-ratio proportioning capabilities for quality assurance
  • Quick and easy base purge reduces material waste
  • Optional data download provides reports on ratio, flow rate and material usage
Technical Specifications