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Manual Gun ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description

The 40 kV Booster gun gives you the transfer efficiency of a 60 kV gun, in a smaller, more compact size. The longer fluid tube on the High Conductivity (HC) lets you spray lower resistivity material. Pro Xp40 Air Spray electrostatic gun line is available in Standard, High Conductivity and kV Booster models.


  • Internal power supply reduces operator fatigue with no heavy cords to slow them down
  • Easily adjust gun performance with large, simple-to-use, control knobs
  • Made in the USA
  • Smooth, curved ergonomic handle fits nicely in your hand for more comfortable spraying
  • Rugged, dependable design supported by a three-year warranty
  • Every gun is tested and delivered with a certificate indicating the spray pattern, mechanical performance and electrical performance which meet Graco's requirements
Technical Specifications

Electrostatic Air Spray Guns





Maximum Working Fluid Pressure

100 psi

0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar

Maximum Working Air Pressure

100 psi

0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar

Minimum Air Pressure at Gun Inlet

45 psi

0.32 MPa, 3.2 bar

Maximum Fluid Operating Temperature



Ambient Temperature



Paint Resistivity Range

3 megohm/cm to infinity. For a table of electrostatic results at different resistance levels, see Check Fluid Resistivity, page 26 of manual.

Air Inlet Fitting

1/4 npsm(m) left-hand thread

Fluid Inlet Fitting

3/8 npsm(m)

Output Voltage

Pro Xp40 Models: 40 kV


Pro Xp60 Models: 60 kV


Pro Xp85 Models: 85 kV

Maximum Current Draw

125 microamperes

Sound Power (measured per ISO Standard 9216)

     at 40 psi: 90.4 dB(A)         at 100 psi: 105.4 dB(A)

at 0.28 MPa, 2.8 bar: 90.4 dB(A)     at 0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar: 105.4 dB(A)

Sound Pressure (measured 1 m from gun)

at 40 psi: 87.0 dB(A)

at 0.28 MPa, 2.8 bar: 87.0 dB(A)

at 100 psi: 99.0 dB(A)

at 0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar: 99.0 dB(A)

Wetted Parts

PEEK, UHMWPE, FEP, PTFE, acetal, nylon, polyethylene