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Lift Up Door ( Specialised Equipment & Accessories )
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Speedo’s Mega Vertical Lift-up Door System is specifically engineered for use as a fabric door enclosure for large structures such as chambers and hangers. These extremely large openings call for doors which are generally not operated very frequently, thus the design of the vertical lift door system is specially constructed for large sized openings for chambers.

They are manufactured for an exact and tight fit to provide improved insulation between blast & paint areas and abrasion from shop blasts. The vertical lift-up door internal structural design ensures operation even under high wind conditions, and the door tightness dramatically reduces air and dust
infiltration, while improving the working environment.

It is also ideal as a replacement of large steel or roller doors which take up plenty of surrounding space for operation, as conventional steel roller or sliding doors are not only heavy and costly but also require high maintenance.


  • Very cost effective for large openings
  • Simple design and high reliability
  • Works in high wind conditions
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Works in dusty, dirty, grimy environments
  • Customized controls with safety interlocking to prevent slip or accidental release of the door while in up position
  • Upper and lower limit switches to cut-off supply when fully closed or in hoist
Technical Specifications

This is built to the requirements of our clients, and we will be pleased to provide the necessary specifications to meet your requirements.