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Remote Control ( Blasting )
Product Code & Goods Description

Remote Controls (0132-001) are pressure-release style systems which control the pressurization and depressurization of the blast machine. Pressurization occurs when the control handle is pressed and depressurization occurs when the handle is released.

RCV 1.25 Remote Controls (0132-003) are pressure-release pneumatic systems that operate on the return-air principle. A handle installed at the nozzle connects pneumatically to the inlet and outlet valves on the blast machine. With the safety petcock on the inlet valve closed, the operator depresses the handle which opens the inlet valve and closes the outlet to start blasting – releasing the handle reverses the process and blasting stops. This safety system thus stops blasting should the operator lose control of the nozzle. And when the blast session is over, the safety petcock is opened to prevent activation, even if the handle is depressed. The machine is pressurized and depressurized manually, and the remote control handle controls the on/off of the abrasive and air independently. This is ideal for applications that require frequent starts and stops as it keeps the blast machine under pressure but allows the operator to start and stop blasting as frequently as needed.

Speedo’s Electro-Pneumatic Remote Control Panels are designed and built for safe, reliable, and economical output control of the blasting operation. The system can be operated with either 1 or 6 guns. The operating voltages that can be used with the system are 230V, 110V, 24V or 12V single phrase, and 50Hz, and the operating voltage of the electric deadman switch depends on the user requirements.