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LineLazer ES ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description
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Chargeable weight: 391.684 Kg
Dimensions : 96.520 x 187.960 x 129.540 cm

The LineLazer ES 1000 is the industry's first electric powered striping solution ideal for indoor striping or where noise is a concern. The ES 1000 is powered by a 100AH AGM battery – allowing it to be used safely indoors while having the power and performance needed for outdoor jobs. "Go Green" with this quiet, fume-free striper!


  • No Engine Noise 
    Do any job anytime without disruptive engine noise.
  • No Engine Vibration
    Allows for perfect lines on all surfaces and reduces user fatigue.
  • No Engine Fumes
    Enables you to stripe indoors without production shut downs or disruptions.
  • Deep Cycle 100AH AGM Battery
    Maintenance-free sealed battery design for striping up to 20 gallons per charge. Adding a second battery connected in parallel increases capacity, reducing voltage drop while under load, and triples run time allowing you to stripe up to 60 gallons per charge.
  • On-board 12V Charger
    Simply plug in to recharge, no need for battery removal.
  • 120V Capacity / 230V in EMEA
    Get infinite striping time when using for stationary applications by running on 120V wall power (230V in EMEA). Just plug it in.
  • SmartControl 2.5
    Advanced pressure control system delivers consistent spray fan resulting in unmatched line quality.
  • Exclusive Endurance Pump
    Industry-best pump performance in this field-proven design.
  • New ProConnect System
    Industry-first for walk-behind stripers allows quick on the job pump replacement.
  • FastFlush
    FastFlush high flow cleaning system runs faster and dramatically reduces cleaning time. Available for the first time on a walk-behind striper.
  • New Gun Adjustment System
    Innovative gun adjustment design with "G" Clamp holder system.
  • Exclusive LineLazer Cart
    Industry's best balanced chassis for all day striping comfort.
Technical Specifications