Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

Gmax 3900 ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description
Chargeable weight: 114.409 Kg
Dimensions : 70.104 x 94.488 x 103.632 cm

The GMAX II 3900 can handle up to two guns and is ideal for the professional contractor who sprays a wide variety of coatings.


Honda Engine

  • Compact, lightweight, and powerful, Honda engines are reliable, technologically advanced, and easy to start.
  • Oil Alert shuts down engine if oil level drops too low, preventing damage
  • Contractor preferred


SmartControl 3.0

  • Graco’s advanced SmartControl 3.0 pressure control system offers precision pressure control that delivers a consistent spray fan
  • Lowest dead band at any pressure


Rugged, Durable Cart Design

  • With a Graco sprayer, it’s not just the mechanical parts that are built to last - our carts are built to deliver years of performance
  • Thick chrome over steel withstands rugged environments
  • Full pneumatic wheels absorb impacts and vibrations
  • Retractable handle doubles as coiled hose storage


Ready To Work

  • Everything you need to get spraying—RAC X™ SwitchTip™, Contractor™ gun and 50 feet of BlueMax™ II hose is included


Easy Out Pump Filter

  • The Easy Out pump filter is designed to filter from the inside out so filters won’t get stuck or collapse when filled with dirt or debris
  • Large 19.5 square inch filtering area reduces tip clogs and ensures a quality finish
  • Vertical filter removes with the cap for less mess


Advantage Drive

  • Hardened steel gears run extremely quiet
  • The most durable, longest lasting drive in the industry


Endurance Pump

  • Graco’s Endurance Pump is the most rugged and reliable pump on the market today
  • Long-life V-Max Blue™ packings
  • Chromex™ rod and stainless steel sleeve deliver superior reliability


Heavy-Duty Prime Valve

  • Maintenance-free design withstands high-pressure dumping
Technical Specifications