Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

RPB Nova 3 ( Blasting )
Product Code & Goods Description

The RPB Nova 3 is an advance on the RPB Nova 2000 in comfort and functionality, and it can be customized to suit individual needs, further enhancing employees’ performance.


  • Breakthrough removable visor design provides a one-click lens replacement system for rapid lens replacement
  • Engineered to distribute weight evenly across the head and shoulders with its revolutionary weightless design
  • High-powered LEDs in its advanced helmet lighting system produce up to 500 lumens of concentrated light output
  • In-helmet communication system via wireless system encased in pillow foam padding with a noise-cancelling microphone
  • Tear-off lens system has individually pre-folded tabs that ensure workers tear off only one lens at a time, saving time and boosting productivity
  • Moulded inner padding designed to fit closely to the head, spreading the weight evenly and reducing fatigue
  • Ratchet adjustable padding system customized to suit individual needs, creating a secure and custom fit
  • Streamlined air flow system reduces lens fogging and keeps operators cool by directing air to the breathe zone
  • Best-in-class bellow seal creates a complete barrier from dust, abrasives, and particulates entering the helmet
  • High-pressure injection moulded shell manufactured from engineering grade nylon reflects heat and is resistant to abrasion
  • Enhanced optical design provides optimum downward and peripheral vision due to the large viewing window