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Abrasive Valve ( Blasting )
Product Code & Goods Description

The Speedo Sand Valve is used to provide precise metering of abrasives from the blast pot to the blast hose. With its unique 45° design, the Speedo Sand Valve permits a smooth, natural flow of abrasives into the blasting air stream, and overcomes some of the premature wear which may occur in some other types of abrasive control valves. It is best suited to blasting applications using expendable type abrasives, such as crushed glass and copper slag.

The original Thompson Valve is a normally closed, seal-sealing, abrasive metering valve known for its instant, smooth response to either pneumatic or electric deadman controls. This fail-safe valve shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the tank at the same instant. A remote abrasive cut-off is available, allowing the operator to stop the flow of media while continuing a constant flow of air. This provides a quick and easy way to clear the blast hose and blasting area of abrasives. Designed for superior operator safety, the Thompson Valve is ideal for multiple outlet use and is easily adaptable to most existing blasting systems. It is engineered to allow precise metering of all types of abrasive media and can be modified for special applications.

Maxum Abrasive Metering Valve is an air-actuated, normally-closed metering valve for use with a pressure-hold remote control system. When the remote control system is activated, an air signal is sent to the valve, opening the valve, allowing abrasive to flow from the abrasive blasting pot. When deactivated, the valve returns to the closed position, deactivating the flow of abrasive exiting the abrasive blasting pot. Typical applications include blast rooms, blast yards, bridges, oil refineries, pipelines, and storage tanks. Common abrasives used include aluminum oxide, garnet, glass bead, mineral abrasives, slags, staurolite, and steel grit/shot.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification