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Pole Gun ( Spray Painting )
Product Code & Goods Description

Graco's full line of Extended Reach Tools are ideal for hard-to-reach areas like soffits, stairways and vaulted ceilings. Extend your range and spray more efficiently without ladders or scaffolding.


  • Available in 3’ and 6’ configurations and provide better spray control and less fatigue.
  • Heavy-duty extensions are ideal for high-pressure spraying or pressure roller applications.
  • Unmatched spraying performance in high or recessed areas – Airless Tip Extensions can be attached directly to an airless gun making them ideal for spraying ceilings, overhangs, and decks.
  • CleanShot Valve can be attached directly to any extension and provides a clean fluid shutoff at the tip – no spitting.
  • Balanced design; no excessive weight at the end of the pole.
Technical Specifications