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AFTER COOLER 2 OUTLETS, AIR-COOLED, MODEL:AC-900 (900CFM) ( Specialised Equipment & Accessories )
Product Code & Goods Description
Chargeable weight: 276 kg
Dimensions : 208 x 80 x 179 cm

Need of Aftercooler

Dry Compressed air is indispensable for fault-free performance of blasting and paint spraying equipment as well as for any compressed air tools.

In a compressor as the temperature rise due to compression, the moisture in the compressed air is present in the foam of vapor. As the air comming out of the compressor cools down during the flow though hoses, the vapor will condensate to liquid water.

Generally the air from a compressor is very warm and contains water and oil, this can cause the abrasive to jam up the blast pot or can have moisture presence on the blasted surface.


Air Cooling

After cooler removes all the contaminants and ensures higher qualities of dry and clean air.

After being conditioned the compressed air is dry enough to provide a continuous flow of abrasive media. Because of this feature the amount of blasting system breakdowns, maintenance and repairs is reduced to a minimum.

Standard after coolers are complete pneumatic operated and fitted with pneumatic motors, moisture separator, oiler, and silencer and mounted on a heavy duty transport frame.