Speedo Pressure Blast Machines have the following outstanding features:

  • A well designed concave head with automatic pop-up valve which helps to reload abrasive in less time
  • Bigger and more efficient moisture separator
  • An accessible hand-hole for easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty internal steel pipe for better durability and easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty unrestricted piping system can be incorporated without additional cost
  • A conical bottom for better abrasive flow
  • Ranges of abrasive metering valves available
  • Remote control systems can be fitted on request

Speedo Marine recognizes that blasting requirements vary, so we offer a full line of portable and stationary blast machines with abrasive capacities from 50lbs to 50 tons.

Technical specifications of Speedo Portable Abrasive Blast Machines
Wet blasting equipment

Standard Accessories for each specified modelWet blasting equipment