Vacuum Blast Unit with a 40ltr/60ltr Blast Pot and Pneumatic Suction unit (Dust-Free)

Standard Vacuum Blast unit includes:

  • 40 / 60 LTR Blast Pot
  • Pneumatic Abrasive recovery system
  • Complete unit with a 10 meters long bast hose set – an abrasive recovery hose, a double line control hose with trigger and all necessary hose connectors
  • Hardened aluminium blast head
  • 6.4 mm (1/4”) boron carbide blast nozzle
  • Adjustable venturi and pressure gauge
  • Operator’s manual


  • Compressed air blasting: max. 1.890 l/min (at 5 bar)
  • Compressed air suction: 2.200 l/min
  • Compressed air hose: minimum 1”

abrasive blasting