Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

Auto Airless Gun
Product Code & Goods Description

A compact, lightweight automatic spray gun design that increases production speeds and provides a quality finish with a low cost of ownership. Ideal for general metal finishing applications


  • Lightweight and compact rounded gun design
  • Capable of handling high production speeds
  • Fewer parts means an overall lower cost of repair
  • Wide range tip line for a variety of applications
Technical Specifications

Maximum fluid pressure                                       : 4000 psi (276 bar, 27.6 MPa)
Maximum working air pressure                            : 100 psi (7 bar, 0.7 MPa)
Maximum cylinder air pressure                            : 100 psi (7 bar, 0.7 MPa)
Minimum air cylinder actuating pressure             : 70 psi (4.9 bar, 0.5 MPa)
Maximum working fluid temperature                    : 140°F (60°C)
Triggering speed                                                  : 50-70 msec (fully open or close)
Wetted parts                                                         : stainless steel, carbide, UHMWPE, acetal, PEEK, PTFE