Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

SG2 / SG3 Airless Gun
Product Code & Goods Description

Built for superb comfort, dependability and performance, with an SG airless spray gun and a Graco sprayer, you get the best finish possible in less time.


  • In-handle paint filter reduces tip clogs and improves finish
  • RAC IV or 5 SwitchTip makes clearing tip clogs easy with a twist
  • 4-finger trigger for comfortable spraying
  • Easy access, 2-piece filter for easy replacement
  • Trigger pull is 30% lighter than competition for easy operation and less fatigue
  • Well-balanced and lightweight
  • SG3 features the Smooth Glide Swivel for easy maneuvering


Technical Specifications

Maximum working pressure                      : 3600 psi (248 bar, 24.8 MPa)
Fluid orifice size                                        : 0.125 in. (3.18 mm)
Weight (with tip and guard)                       : 22 oz. (630 g)
Inlet                                                           : -
Maximum material temperature                : 120°F (49°C)
Wetted Parts                                             : Stainless steel, polyurethane, nylon, aluminum, tungsten carbide, brass