Speedo Marine (Pte) Ltd.

XL Airless Sprayer
Product Code & Goods Description
Chargeable weight: 161.904 Kg
Dimensions : 96.520 x 76.200 x 132.080 cm

Designed with the new XL Air Motor, the Xtreme XL Sprayer can run up to six guns in a high-output environment with virtually no pulsation or pattern fluctuation.  The efficient design includes advance features that ensure superior performance, even in oily, dirty and wet air environments.


  • Higher output per cycle means less total cycles for any given job – which means less wear and tear on pump components, and ultimately, less downtime and maintenance expanse for you.
  • The high output, high efficiency 10,000 cc XL Air Motor lets you use multiple guns with almost no perceivable pulsation. Multiple guns get the job done faster, which is better for your bottom line.
Technical Specifications