Established in 1972, Speedo Marine is a supplier of an extensive range of industrial equipment and products. Over the years of business in this industry, we have come to be known as a reliable and trusted supplier providing high quality and effective products and services. Besides carrying a wide range of our own Speedo blasting equipment, we are also the authorized distributor for:

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Besides distribution, we also provide repair and calibration services for these products. We specialise in:

Spraying and Painting Equipment

Airless paint sprayer

Graco Airless, Air-assisted, Air Spray, HVLP & Electrostatic Spray Equipment, Reactor (Foam & Polyurea), Plural Component 2K Spray Equipment, Electric Airless, Petrol Gas Airless Spray Equipment, Texture Spray Equipment, Line Marking Equipment, Hydraclean and Pressure Washer / Asahi Airless Spray Equipment / Pressure Pot Tank, Air Spray Gun, Agitator / Flotech Airless Spray Equipment, Paint Hose

Blasting Equipment

Blasting Equipment

Speedo Blasting Equipment and Blasting Spares, Blast Hose, Blast Nozzle, Air Cooler, After Cooler / RPB Astro Blast Helmet / Marco (BlastOne) Remote Control System / EcoQuip Wet Blast Machine / Clemco Blasting Equipment and Accessories

Measuring and Testing Instruments


ElektroPhysik Testing & Inspection Equipment / Coating Dry Film Thickness Gauge (DFT), Wet Film Thickness Gauge (WFT) / Surface Profile Gauge, Testex Snap Gauge, Surface Comparator & Disc / Humidity, Dewpoint & Surface Temperature Gauge, Pinhole, Holiday Tester / Elcometer Testing & Inspection Equipment

Blast Chamber & Tank Coating Equipment

Blasting chamber

Speedo Dehumidifier, Vacuum Recovery Machine, Autoblast Machine, Blast Chamber & Paint Booth, Dust Collector

Fluid Handling Equipment


Graco Diaphragm & Transfer Pump, Paint Supply Circulation Pump, Sanitary & Food Process Equipment, Sealant & Adhesive Equipment, Lubrication Equipment / Flotech Diaphragm Pump

Suction Hoses


Speedo PVC Suction Hose, PVC Ducting Hose, PVC Aircon Hose

Blasting Media & Abrasives

Blasting abrasives

Speedo Abrasives / Steel Shot & Steel Grit / Garnet